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Prof. Dr. Andrés Trostchansky

Prof. Dr. Andrés Trostchansky has a degree in Biochemistry from the Facultad de Ciencias (2000), a Master’s in Chemistry from the Facultad de Quimica (2003) and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Facultad de Quimica (2007). He is currently Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry at the Facultad de Medicina, UdelaR; Visiting Professor at the Federal University of Maranhão; Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. It works in the study of nitrolipids, mass spectrometry, pdi, platelets and nitric oxide.


The Ph.D. student of the Graduate Program in Biochemistry, Tuany Eichwald, embarks today on a new mission that will represent positive impacts in her personal and professional life. Tuany will be part of Prof. Dr. Sebastièn Talbot from the prestigious University of Montreal in Canada. Together with the professor and his research group (, she will develop studies to better understand the interaction of adipose tissue with sensory innervation to promote or facilitate the development of chronic pain in obesity. The research internship is funded by the CAPES/PrInt Program.


Dr. Sebastien Talbot from the University of Montreal, Canada ( visited the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) to participate in the “1st Cycle of International Seminars of the Graduate Programs in Biochemistry, Medical Sciences and Pharmacology”

Dr. Talbot presented the following lectures “Silencing nociceptor neurons reduces allergic airway inflammation” and “Nociceptor neurons control cancer immunosurveillance” to an audience of 60-70 participants (maximum room capacity) including undergraduate students, mainly from the medical school, postgraduate students – graduation from Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology, and Pharmacy courses, servers and professors at UFSC.

Dr. Talbot will remain at UFSC until 09/03/2019 meeting with graduate students and researchers from UFSC in order to strengthen the scientific collaboration established through the CAPES/PrInt Program.


Ariane Zamoner (Coordenadora PPG-BQA), Alexandra Latini (Subcoordenadora do PPG-BQA), Sebastien Talbot (Universidade de Montreal, Canadá), Kália LIin (Coordenadora do PPG-CM)