Frequently Asked Questions

1) When are selective processes opened?
There are no pre-defined dates for opening a selective notice. The opening of new vacancies is subject to the existence of orientation vacancies with each of the permanent professors of the Program, availability of scholarships and other factors. You must access the site frequently and wait for the announcement to be published.

2) How do I enroll as an isolated student?
If you are not a regular student of the Program, the student can enroll in this modality. To do so, you should access the website, see the courses available in the semester, choose the one that interests you, look for the responsible teacher and ask for authorization. If authorized, register within the deadlines established in the academic calendar by e-mail, sending CPF and RG, graduation or master’s degree, registration form (available from the website). Enrollment is subject to the availability of vacancies.

3) I am a regular student. How do I enroll in a subject from another program?
You must request authorization from the professor responsible for the discipline and send it along with a request by e-mail to

4) I am a regular student of another postgraduate course at UFSC. Can I take courses in this Program?
Yes. You just need to talk to the responsible teacher to authorize it. After that, enroll in your own Program. Each student only enrolls with the secretary of their Program, always.

5) I will not take any subject this semester. Do I need to enroll?
Yes. The student always needs to enroll to maintain the link with the University. If you are not going to do a subject, enroll in “Elaboration of a dissertation or thesis”. This is also valid for students who are at another institution taking the Sanduiche Internship.

6) I’ve already enrolled in Seminars once, do I need to enroll throughout the semester?
No. Seminars is a course where you only enroll once, but you must attend until you complete the appropriate number of credits to get the concept. Who controls the frequency is the Program coordination.

7) How do I enroll in the teaching internship?
You must submit the following documentation to the Department of Discipline Secretariat of interest in the Undergraduate Program (BEG, ECZ, BQA, FMC, etc): 1. Teaching Internship application form 2. Complete teaching plan for the undergraduate subject in question 3 Work plan for the Master’s or Doctoral student in the undergraduate discipline, specifying the number of class hours under their responsibility. After the internship is approved in Graduation, it is submitted to the Collegiate of Pós. Only after the registration is done by the secretariat.

8) Do I have to do a Teaching Internship?
The internship is mandatory only for PhD students with a CAPES scholarship. Even so, the Integrated Secretariat’s Graduate Programs strongly recommend that all master’s and doctoral students take at least once this discipline.

9) How do I get grade in Teaching Internship
After carrying out the activities, the student must ask the teacher to send the concept of the teaching internship by email to the secretariat.

10) Can I validate courses?
Yes. You can make the request to the collegiate and it will define if the request is viable or not, according to the course syllabus and the student’s work. The validation request must contain: validation request (letter to the collegiate, there is no model) signed by the student and advisor; academic record or statement that he attended the course, with concept; syllabus of the subjects (containing number of credits, syllabus, syllabus) signed by the coordinator or secretary of the Program where the subject(s) were taken.

11) I did a master’s and doctorate in the same program. How to validate?
Doctoral students who wish to validate the courses taken in the master’s degree program in the same program only need to submit a formalized request to the secretariat, without the need for a history and syllabus.

12) What is the deadline for the delivery of the proficiency certificate? How to deliver?
The deadline is 12 months after entering the Program. In the Master’s, students need to prove proficiency in English, in the Doctorate they need to prove proficiency in English and in another language, within the same period. (If they have made English proficiency in the master’s, they can validate). Delivery is made by email to the secretariat, we do not file copies or paper originals.