Strategic Planning

Since its creation in 2008, the PPGBQA has been based on the principle of strategic management in favor of the continuous improvement of the Program, seeking to improve the quality of its Master’s and Doctorate courses. The PPGBQA is committed to carrying out course diagnoses, which can help to improve the infrastructure for research, increments in internationalization strategies, nucleation of graduates and expansion of activities integrated with undergraduate education and society. Thus, the PPGBQA carried out a TARGETS plan that it considered important:

  1. Expand the Program’s qualified production;
  2. Expand the research infrastructure;
  3. Group research projects to create internal collaboration;
  4. Increase the regional impact for the development of higher education, research and extension activities;
  5. Contribute to the nucleation of Graduates;
  6. Increase internationalization strategies;
  7. Strengthen student selection, inclusion, access and permanence policies;
  8. Promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Over the 13 years of the Program’s creation, the PPGBQA has deepened its assessment, planning and goal setting strategies. In order to guide the strategic planning of the PPGBQA, a diagnosis of its current situation was initially carried out. The main strengths and weaknesses of the Program were listed and analyzed, as well as opportunities and threats. Based on this analysis, a Strategic Planning was made to optimize the use of virtues, as well as to minimize and overcome weaknesses, in order to improve the quality of the Program. This process represents an important step in the implementation of a new, more participatory management model, which will guide the actions of the PPGBQA in the coming years. The Strategic Planning was carried out in a collaborative way focused on the next 4 years (2021-2024) and can be viewed at the link below, along with the self-assessment of the PPGBQA and the evaluation of the Program made by graduates and students at the end of 2020.