The PPGBQA has sought to get closer and closer to society and, in this sense, has carried out various actions and awareness campaigns to prevent health problems and aggravations. The events and outreach projects have the effective participation of professors, students, and community members. Information on some of the social integration activities carried out with the participation of teachers and students of the PPGBQA is described below:

CurToART:  The first scientific photography competition organized by the Postgraduate Program in Biochemistry during the “Current Topics in Biochemistry”. The aim was to promote scientific dissemination and popularization of science.

Cognitive Training for the Idle with Smartphones: The outreach project coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alexandre Pastoris Muller (PPGBQA) aims to explore the use of resources on smartphones for cognitive training in the elderly. The apps are carefully selected and designed to work on different cognitive areas, such as memory, attention, language, logical reasoning, and visual skills. Besides, the project seeks to promote moments of interaction and entertainment, improving the quality of life of the participants.

“Project Young Scientists – Breathing Science” On March 8, 2023, the Ph.D. student Gustavo Henrique Pereira Gonçalves, supervised by Prof. Dr. Eduardo Alves de Almeida, participated in the project “Young Scientists – Breathing Sciences.” The outreach project was carried out at Escola Barão do Rio Branco in the municipality of Blumenau, with preschool students (5 years old). The aim of the project, coordinated by Prof. Otto Rodolfo Sasse, is to present to the students the performance of “young scientists/researchers” from various areas. Gustavo, a researcher in the Ecotoxicology area, used slides and material from the FURB zoological collection to present the characteristics and phases of development of anuran amphibians, as well as the effects of two pesticides on these animals.



Satellite event of the Current Topics in Biochemistry (2021) – “Science is made by us all”. The traditional Current Topics in Biochemistry event had a satellite event in 2021, organized and moderated by PPGBQA students. The event, held on November 10, 2021 had designed for high school and undergraduate students, with the objective of discussing and answering questions about the scientific career, undergraduate and graduate studies, scientific evidence and scientific dissemination. The event had a round table with the participation of Profa. Dr. Tattiana Gonçalves Teixeira (Department of Communication and Journalism, UFSC) and Profa. Dr. Anelise Maria Regiani (Department of Chemistry, UFSC) and had a total of 94 subscribers (https://curtobiochemistry.ufsc.br/pre-evento-a-ciencia-que-a-gente-faz/).

Chat with graduates: Since 8/26/2021, PPGBQA students have held weekly lives on the program’s instagram (@ppgbqa.ufsc) to talk with PPGBQA graduates in different areas. The lives attract an audience from inside and outside the academy interested and with doubts about the different career options and possibilities after graduation. Dr. Priscilla Batista Rosa (pharmacist, scientific illustrator and postdoc in Sweden), Dr. Beatriz Bonadiman (biomedical, professor at UNOESC and active in scientific dissemination), Dr. Daína from Lima (chemist at the Aquatic Contamination Biomarkers Laboratory), Dr. Paulo C. Lock Silveira (professor at UNESC and partner at startups Regenera and PepNano), Dr. Fernanda N. Kaufmann (professor at UFPel), Dr. Marília N. Siebert (biologist and professor at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina), Dr. Fabiana Ourique (pharmacist and professor at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora), and Dr. Filipe Gonçalves (pharmacist and Medical Liason at Sanofi Genzyme).

II Brazilian Webinar and III Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Symposium (2021). Symposium organized by the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Cellular Signaling, coordinated by Profa. Dr. Ariane Zamoner P. de Souza (PPGBQA) and the Laboratory of Neuroplasticity, coordinated by Profa. Dr. Patricia Brocardo (PPG Neurosciences) on September 9, 2021. The symposium featured lectures by Dr. Arthur Guerra (Psychiatrist and president of CISA), Dr. Ingrid Kandler, and Dr. Sandra Martins (neonatologists), and a tribute to Dr. Conceição Segre (Pediatrician and Member of the Brazilian Academy of Pediatrics).

New pathways for knowledge: education and health offices (2020). The project coordinated by Prof. Margarete Dulce Bagatini in the West of the State was adapted with the creation of a sub-project, “Project knowledge not confronting the coronavirus,” with the objective of informing the population and discussing prevention measures for the pandemic caused by the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

Project “Imagine: training educators for a multicultural, inclusive and innovative teaching (Biological Sciences Degree)”, which counts with the participation of Prof. Guilherme Razzera (permanent professor at PPGBQA) and is coordinated by Professor André Ávila Ramos (CCB/UFSC), who was the winner of the 9th Edition of the Professor Rubens Murillo Marques Award (PPRMM) from the Carlos Chagas Foundation (FCC), in 2019.

Prevention program for the harmful use of alcohol. The PPGBQA is involved in prevention strategies for the harmful use of alcohol, a global health problem, through a series of actions and extension projects coordinated by teacher Ariane Zamoner Pacheco de Souza since the year 2010. harmful alcohol will count for about 7 years with the valuable collaboration of the Paróquia da Santíssima Trindade, located near the UFSC. This collaboration was shown to be relevant for the dialogue and interaction between project members and the community. The activities related to this project included:

  1. 2019: Event on the world day for the prevention ofFetal Alcohol Syndrome – September/2019 at UFSC.
  2. 2010-2019: Workshops and seminars in the Week of Research, Extension and Innovation of the UFSC (SEPEX).
  3. In 2020, the traditional activities on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome outreach protject, coordinated were substituted by the “I Brazilian Webinar and II Symposium for the World Day for the Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome”. The event was organized by Prof. Dr. Patricia Brocardo from the Department of Morphological Sciences (UFSC) and Prof. Dr. Ariane Zamoner Pacheco de Souza (PPGBQA).

Visual quality of individuals from the western region of Santa Catarina. In 2019, we carried out actions with groups of elderly people to evaluate visual health and guidance on how food can help visual health in two municipalities of SC. The activities included seminars, lectures, and workshops.

Green July Campaign (2019). This activity, coordinated by Professor Margarete Dulce Bagatini, aimed to raise awareness and provide information to the general population of the Municipality of Chapecó regarding the diagnosis and preventive measures against head and neck cancer.

Science workshop for high school students – our daily bread (2017). Activity organized by professor Andreza Fabro de Bem and students Letícia Galant and Gabriela Cristina de Paula to bring biochemistry closer to high school students.