The Institutional Internationalization Program – Capes-PrInt was launched in 2017 through Public Notice 41/2017, aiming at the selection of Institutional Internationalization Projects of Higher Education Institutions or Research Institutes.

The program has the following objectives in its notice:

  1. Foster the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic plans for the internationalization of institutions covered in the areas of knowledge prioritized by them;
  2. Encourage the formation of international research networks with a view to improving the quality of academic production linked to graduate studies;
  3. Expand actions to support internationalization in postgraduate courses at the institutions covered;
  4. Promote the mobility of professors and students, with an emphasis on doctoral students, post-docs and professors abroad and from abroad to Brazil, linked to stricto sensu graduate programs with international cooperation;
  5. Foster the transformation of participating institutions in an international;
  6. Integrate other actions to promote Capes to the internationalization effort.

The program funds the following types of missions:

For Brazilian researchers abroad:Work Missions, Fellowships Abroad for Ph.D.,  Junior Visiting Professor; Senior Visiting Professor; Short-stays.

To attract international researchers to Brazil: Young Talent; Visiting Professor and Post doctoral Fellowship.

The Institutional Internationalization Project was developed through the JOINT EDITAL CG-PRINT/UFSC nº. 01/2018/PROPG/PROPESQ, which aimed to mobilize Graduate Programs for the construction of interdisciplinary subprojects (with the minimum participation of three graduate programs and other requirements required by CAPES) and adherent to the Institutional Plan for the Internationalization of UFSC.


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