27/11/2023 15:09


Registration calendar 2024/1

Registration period for regular students: 02/15 to 02/18: online registration period in disciplines of its own Program through the Post-Graduation Academic Control System (CAPG): www.capg.ufsc.br

Enrollment of students from other UFSC programs: as of 02/20: start of registration requests for students from other UFSC Postgraduate Programs. No term limit. The request must be sent to or e-mail: academico.sipg@contato.ufsc.br

Enrollment in an isolated course (people outside UFSC or graduate students from UFSC): 02/21, 02/22 and 02/23. Period for requesting enrollment in an isolated discipline under the Postgraduate Academic Control System (CAPG):

The guidelines for enrollment in an isolated discipline are in the link: Enrollment in an isolated discipline

Enrollment form in isolated discipline

The disciplines of the semester will be informed in the link: https://ppgbqa.ufsc.br/disciplinas-do-semestre/disciplinas-do-semestre/